What is our system of dating centered on

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“He said, wait a minute, wait a minute, why are we dating things by the founding of the city of Rome? Of course, his choice was the birth of Christ.” Dionysius took his abacus, crunched some numbers, and figured out when Jesus was born. This means the year 1996 or 1997 was probably the true year 2000 in the anno Domini calendar, if one does the arithmetic without a year 0.”While Dionysius' concept didn't take off immediately, he got some help from a monk pal who used A. in a few of his textbooks, which were then taught by Christian missionaries.

Traditionally, the discoverer enjoys the privilege of naming the new object; however, some neglected to do so (E. Barnard stated he would "defer any suggestions as to a name" [for Amalthea] "until a later paper" but never got around to picking one from the numerous suggestions he received) or actively declined (S. Nicholson stated "Many have asked what the new satellites" [Lysithea and Carme] "are to be named.

At its core, that date—any date really—is just a code.

"The redress of injustice travels slowly but inevitably," Mr Dodson told Reuters.… continue reading »

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