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But things begin to get just a little bit boring when he meets a boy of his age, going by God of Mischief, through the site his teacher makes him join.

At the age of eight the two meet through the internet, living similar lives continents away.

Anthony Stark (but please, just Tony) is in a similar situation - with a genius dad who doesn't care, and not allowed to build things in class, his boredom causes him to frustrate everyone around him.But even if they do manage to meet, will their friendship be the same?(Here we see: Bad summary writing) Eric has landed his dream job: social media manager for the Providence Falconers! Eric understands that Jack doesn’t like social media, but he could certainly be a little more polite about it.It starts as a casual interest, but before he knows it…

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Mycroft has been absorbed into the world of fanfiction.Xx_Twilight Rose_x X: What the fuck It's been four years ever since Craig Tucker packed his bags and left South Park. Feeling out of place in a town that has moved on without him, he finds himself sharing his sorrows with a random stranger on the internet.