Validating database schema

04-Sep-2017 06:54

It makes sense to generate the entity code if you are using entities as Data Access Objects only and don’t put much additional logic on them.

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However this approach may still be prone to error and we suggest you use code repositories such as GIT or SVN to make backups of your code.

Additionally the detection from an existing database cannot detect inverse associations, inheritance types, entities with foreign keys as primary keys and many of the semantical operations on associations such as cascade.

Note There is no need to convert YAML or XML mapping files to annotations every time you make changes.

Instead of bombing out (fail fast) with an exception, a warning is logged and Flyway continues normally.

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This is useful for situations where one must be able to redeploy an older version of the application after the database has been migrated by a newer one.flyway.driver=org.Driver flyway.url=jdbc:hsqldb:file:/db/flyway_sample flyway.user=SA flyway.password=my Secret Pwd flyway.schemas=schema1,schema2,schema3 flyway.table=schema_history flyway.locations=classpath:com.mycomp.migration,database/migrations,filesystem:/sql-migrations Migration Prefix=Migration- Sql Migration Prefix=downgrade flyway.repeatable Sql Migration Prefix=RRR Migration Separator=__ Migration Suffixes=.sql,.pkg,flyway.encoding=ISO-8859-1 flyway.placeholder Replacement=true flyway.placeholders.aplaceholder=value flyway.placeholders.otherplaceholder=value123 flyway.placeholder Prefix=#[ flyway.placeholder Suffix=] flyway.resolvers=com.mycomp.project. Another Resolver Default Call Resolvers=false flyway.callbacks=com.mycomp.project.

Repeatable SQL migrations have the following file name structure: prefix Separator DESCRIPTIONsuffix , which using the defaults translates to R__My_Comma-separated list of file name suffixes for SQL migrations.