Updating rosters in madden 09 ps3

12-Dec-2017 08:04

In other words, Madden NFL 09 for the Play Station 3 is a football game that’s a major step in the right direction but also one that should please sports gamers of all levels.I must admit that the Madden NFL games didn’t start off as impressive as they should have been since the Play Station 3 was first released.Sports video games are a kind of coal-mine canary for old video game consoles once their younger and better-looking successors hit the market.

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For one thing, a holographic John Madden welcomes you to the game to begin a series of tests that will determine your skill level and, thusly, how the gameplay will react to your playing style.Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, the Madden NFL franchise finds itself being not only the most recognized football game that inspires its legion of fans to turn to it each year but it is also just about the only licensed NFL game in town.Madden NFL 09 is not just another game with an updated roster and better graphics but rather its an edition that brings the legion of Madden fans together with football fans giving the game a shot for the first time.On PS3 the graphics look insane and you get more plays on Ps3 with blue ray disc and all, but if you own a PS3 or if you don't i highly recommend this game on PS3, so if you don' have one go buy one and get this game to go along.

Why just watch NFL football on TV when you can take an active role in the game with Madden NFL 08 by Electronic Arts.Between the tackles or in the open field, run to daylight with Madden NFL 08.

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