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07-Feb-2018 04:38

trouble updating psp-40

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Please make sure to click the 'Change' button before pressing OK at the bottom.

If the video continues to remain in black & white after using the 'Change Video Standard' application, you may also need to adjust the video standard setting within the VHS to DVD software.

However, the output video or DVD should play back the video and audio in sync.

To verify the audio is truly out of sync, we recommend you record a small video sample in the Advanced mode, and playback it back in the edit section after recording. At the bottom of the Capture screen, click the Record Settings (gears) button, and change the Video Device setting to your HDV camcorder and change the Format setting to HDV.

Unfortunately HD video exceeds the resolution limitations of DVD discs.

Burning on Blu-ray requires a Blu-ray burner and an HDV camcorder connected to a Firewire/IEEE1394 port (for HD content).

Having too many clips in the Storyboard may cause the program to respond slowly.

In the Advanced Mode, use the pull-down menu in the Capture screen to change from 4:3 to 16:9.

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