Scientific dating of the ramayana and the vedas

25-May-2018 05:04

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The problem of such erroneous dating of extensions using contradictory astronomical data and attributing the same to original Bharata composition is giving rise to three main misconceptions.

First Vedas and sage Vyasas Jaya (Bharata) is only 5000-5500 years old.

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Veda was one undivided complete wisdom realized after systematic study under qualified teachers.

But these various astronomical data that was entered by various scholars starting from sage Souti in the later extensions gave various contradictory eccliptical dates and other astrological combinations which latter in 20th century became a bone of contention among researchers in determining the date of not of additions but of Mahabharata it self.

More over these astronomical astrological additions today became the basis of dating of the original text of Jaya written by sage Vyasa himself.

Others contend that the actual number added by sage Souti were infact in the range of 74,000 slokas.

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Still others contend that he infact added 1,00,000 slokas making Mahabharata a treatise of 1,24,000 slokas.

Probably this serves as a guiding post for many Indians to decide what to do next with the above plethora of Scientific Facts.