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28-Dec-2017 14:17

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Seoul acknowledged that it has gaps in its countermeasures against the North’s missiles, with or without the American THAAD deployment.

After all, Muammar Gaddafi is unlikely to have been toppled and lynched if he had not given up his weapons of mass destruction in the hope of better relations with the West From the threat to smite with “fire and fury likes of which the world has never seen” to being forced to climb down on the much heralded “super-tough” sanctions on Pyongyang at the UN, the policy of Donald Trump’s administration on North Korea continues on its confusing course.

In particular the Defence Secretary and Secretary of State stressed that extensive air strikes would not guarantee hitting all the regime’s missiles and nuclear warheads while Pyongyang could wreak devastation on the South with just its conventional weapons.

A land offensive against the Peoples’ Army of a million troops as well as six million reserves and paramilitary would need a bigger operation than one for the Iraq invasion.

It is ironic that it was Nikki Haley who had to acquiesce to these concessions.

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She had been matching Trump on aggressive rhetoric ever since being appointed America’s UN envoy, with not a week going by without her warning of dire consequences to adversaries, be they Russia, China, the Assad regime in Syria and, of course, North Korea.This is great news for Trump, who has his own mission of expanding US arms exports as he volubly declared in Saudi Arabia during his first trip to the Middle East as President.