Quick sexbuddy

10-Apr-2018 11:55

Too often, people jump ship as soon as they are triggered.But I have learned in my 30s that if both people involved care about each other and want the highest good for themselves and their partner, you don't jump ship at first sign of it.And sometimes, that means there is tension, disagreement, discomfort, anger, and ego.Nothing can trigger our deep-seated fears of abandonment, rejection, and loss of freedom like love.By our 30s, we learn that we'd like to base and build a relationship on TRUTH, and if the guy doesn't like who we are, then he's not the right guy. Suess quote goes, "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." (actually, a dude named Bernard M. You know which guys you can have casual sex with and which guys you can't.There are some guys we can be totally fine with having as a sex buddy or booty call; we know we won't get attached and that he's not someone we want to develop a relationship with.But then there's the other type of guy who we could actually see something long-term with.A guy we know we could probably fall head over heels for.

I believe relationships are vehicles to help each person become the highest version of themselves.

Booty call or relationship trouble Divorced and now online dating: Am I booty call or more? _________________________________ Alright Guys, It’s been over a year since my ex and I broke up.