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04-Nov-2017 23:08

For one, you can turn an old handset into a security camera or baby monitor which you can use without buying a brand new standalone camera.And if your handset doesn't have a front facing camera, or if your PC doesn't have a webcam built in, then you can use the rear camera on the phone for video calls."Why would anyone want to use their phone as a webcam?" This was the most common reaction people had when we told them what we were trying to do, but there are actually some pretty good reasons to do this.Download it and then install and run the app on your computer and phone, as described above.Once again, both devices need to be on the same Wi-Fi network - if they are, then they will connect to each other automatically.

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Video calls You can also use your phone as a webcam to make video calls from a computer.

Both the phone and the computer should be on the same Wi-Fi network.3.

Open the Android app and note down the Wifi IP listed on the main screen.4.

You can use your phone as a camera to chat using Skype.

There are two stages to this - setting up the camera on your phone, and setting up Skype to use the phone as a camera. First, you need to set up the camera using an app on either your Android phone or i Phone.

Then number of frames per second (fps) and frame size should be passed. If it is True, encoder expect color frame, otherwise it works with grayscale frame.