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21-Aug-2017 13:17

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Tomorrow, she has a second date with a gent she met on the site.

Granddad of two, Harvey was less reluctant to sample online dating options.

"On Eons, they seem to be on there just to make friends and chat," says the 59-year-old from Denver, Colo.

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"He told me I had to move out," she recalls, "so he could move his girlfriend in." Donna didn't think there could be a third chance at love.At 54, she herself is on the prowl and catching prey at Match. "I think single people need to meet other singles in as many ways as possible, whether it's on Match or e, through a matchmaker or events." As grandparents retire and move to communities far away from their established social networks, says Allen, online dating can give them the chance to make new connections close by.Should you hide your dating status from the grandchildren?Over at, new membership numbers are skyrocketing in the 50-plus category — which shows a 300 percent jump from year 2000.

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This rapid-fire growth may be attributed to the overall increase in the number of 50-plus singles over the past three decades: Twenty-nine percent of adults ages 45-59 are now single compared to 19 percent in 1980, reports the Census Bureau.Although neither plans to remarry, they've made a lifelong commitment to each other.