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23-Jun-2018 17:56

I have gone for a less risqué line-up and a mish-mash of subjects.

It’s difficult to please everyone, so if you are frothing at the corners on not having your favorite mag on the list, do chaff away in the comments.

From an inside look at the markets, you have regular features on nurturing your wealth.

Financial glossaries and how-to guides ensure that you won’t be more confused about the economy than you already are.

All of this may be true – especially the first two – but media evolves every day.

Your corner newsstand may not look the same anymore as long-standing magazines shut shop or shift over to the online world.

If you can afford to buy the snazzy high-end suits and gizmos, then this online men’s magazine is a definite read.

But GQ also has enough cultural commentary to keep you interested about the other things in life.

The paper magazine may offer more as you hold it between your hands, but their digital counterparts too offer a lot in the may of multimedia and downloads. The digital edition of Maxim has enough drool worthy ‘news’ bytes to keep you happily occupied. All packaged together make Maxim one of the world’s topmost men’s magazines. The web version has a gaming section with online games like poker and casino. Figures even suggest that the men’s magazine market is shrinking along with it.