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03-Jan-2018 15:33

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And thanks to You Tube, she's also rather notorious, too, with her insta-viral, Terry Richardson-shot 'Cat Daddy' dancing video being hauled off the site after around a gazillion views in five minutes.* So, there's probably no better-placed girl than Kate to offer dating dates to us eternally useless men. In the video above, Kate reveals what she looks for in a man, provides priceless tips on male grooming and subtle guidance on how to set about approaching the girl of your dreams (quick nugget of advice: if you ever run into Kate, talk about horses. Oh, and as a treat, here's that banned 'Cat Daddy' video below.

We thought it only fair for you to be the judge as to its accused notoriety.

Picking out an outfit for your date ahead of time can save you unnecessary anxiety.

The decision on whether to choose a demure, sexy or casual outfit is something the team have been asked countless times.

But Kate Garraway has some advice on how to make the most of the experience.

The Good Morning Britain presenter shared her top four tips for looking for love in an exclusive video for Mail Online.

(Sigh.) PHOTOS: Celeb babysitters How does the night conclude?

From the tell-tale signs that you’ve met your perfect match, to how to stay safe when dating, how to get a boyfriend – we’ve got all bases covered with our must-read dating advice.

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