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07-Apr-2018 03:40

The family gets cozy with a Christmas movie in the living room, and Grandma even learns how to Snapchat.

I’ve had some bi-curious leanings before, but never fully explored it outside of some making out with girls in college.

Knowing what crosses the line—both socially and legally—is imperative. What’s the verdict on hugs, hand-holding, and quick pecks?

Better not; these public grounds are “for the burial of human dead only,” which means that if your lewdness doesn’t get you stopped, your trespassing will. “If you are engaged in PDA that involves removal of clothes, consider a private venue,” Whitcomb concludes.

And if your partner is married to someone who is not you, you may actually get ticketed (and jailed for up to 90 days! It’s all well and good to say “just go inside if you’re going to undress” if you or your tryst partner live alone or have an unobtrusive roommate situation, but what if you’d like to do more than swoop in for a quick peck and the only privacy you can find is, say, in your car?

If you’re not sure what you want, you can say that, too! I know, it’s scary to kiss someone or even go on a date without tipping back a little social sauce. If you don’t want to kiss her after a few drinks, that’s probably a sign you shouldn’t. The goal is to have fun, learn something about a new person, and find out if you’re compatible enough to want to hurl your naked bodies together at some point in the future (possibly later that night). On the plus side, if they’re zany enough, you’ll get a fun story out of it at least.

In fact, it might behoove you to start your dating search by looking for other girls who label themselves as bi-curious (on Ok Cupid or Craigslist, for instance). But if you’re drunk, it’s going to be way harder to tell if you actually like the person, or if you “like them” simply because your inhibitions are lowered (AKA you like everyone! To that end, don’t force it if you’re not feelin’ it, and try not to overanalyze every interaction that doesn’t go well. As you may have learned in health class, kissing sometimes leads to activities other than kissing—and that’s where you may find yourself in a legal grey area. “There is nothing illegal about being naked,” explains Whitcomb.

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