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According to this Wisdom, we known that if we want to do everything successful, we must follow these ways. What’s more, demand for animal products in developing countries is growing so fast that meeting it will require an extra 300 million tons of grain a year by 2050the growth of cities and industry is reducing the amount of water available for agriculture in many regions. A coffee at Starbucks, just as unavoidable in England as it is in the United States, runs about .

When we begin to study, our parents and teachers always told us to study hard. All this means that agriculture in the 21stcentury will have to be very different from how it was in the 20th.thiswill require radical thinking. The once all-powerful dollar isn’t doing a Titanic against just the pound.

In conclusion, humans, unlike computers, have creative ability, emotional desires and social bounds. This involves the study of sound structures, the formation of words, the sequencing words and the construction of meaning, as well as examination of the theories explaining the aspects of English usage. A) the man did not believe what the woman said B) the man accompanied the woman to the hospital C) the woman may be suffering from repetitive strain injury D) the woman may not followed the doctor’s instructions 14. A.enrollment kept decreasing in virtually all American colleges and universities labor market preferred high-school to college graduates C.competition for university admissions was far more fierce than today gap between the earnings of college and high-school graduates narrowed 59. 57 C) College education is rewarding in spite of the starting costs.

Thus, I don’t think that there will be the danger that man will begin to think like the computer. (46) ________, which are raised by studying how speakers and writers employ English for a wide variety of purposes.参考答案 36. A) they are not in style any more B) they have cost him far too much C) they no longer suit his eyesight D) they should be cleaned regularly 15. Students who attend an in-state college or university can ________. 58 D) The gap between the earnings of college and high-school graduates narrowed 59 A)save more on tuition.

Yet, it is also unnecessary for us to be overwhelmed by the negative impacts of computers. Knight convinced the company’s officials of the potential for its product in the U. In 1963 he received his first shipment of Tiger shoes, 200 pairs in total.

After all, we humans are intelligent and will be able to figure out better ways to make improvements. In 1964, Knight and Bowerman contributed 0 each to from Blue Ribbon Sports, the predecessor of Nike.

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Whereas, there are also disadvantages that the internet brings to us. Sustainable development is applied to just about everything from energy to clean water and economic growth, and as a result it has become difficult to question either the basic assumptions behind it or the way the concept is put to use. how to help immigrants to better fit into American society.Also, interpersonal communication through the internet is not restricted by space. For each of them there are four choices marked [A], [B], [C] and [D].

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