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"It remained top secret except to select members of the US intelligence community." At the time, there were media reports about the discovery of two bombs, one at Manila airport and another at the venue for the leaders' meeting.However, they were linked to a communist insurgency in the Philippines rather than as an external attempt to kill the US president.You must RSVP if you care to join, as drop-ins may not be given a seat and no-shows are frowned upon.So please RSVP with absolute knowledge that you will be attending.The subsequent US investigation into the plot "revealed that it had been masterminded by a Saudi terrorist living in Afghanistan – a man named Osama bin Laden".

Ramzi Yousef, the al-Qaeda member who used a truck bomb to attack the World Trade Centre in 1993, has admitted he plotted to assassinate Mr Clinton after fleeing to Manila, but was dissuaded by his high level of security.prior to this event, you will be wait-listed for future events.Several times of last minute cancellations with no reason and 3 no-shows will get you removed from the group.Ken Gormley, an American law professor, said he was told by Louis Merletti, the former director of the Secret Service, of the bomb plot.

In The Death of American Virtue: Clinton vs Starr, Prof Gormley wrote: "The thwarted assassination attempt was never made public.

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