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A good example of a modern defender of this line of reasoning is George Mavrodes.

Essentially, Mavrodes argues that it is no limitation on a being's omnipotence to say that it cannot make a round square.

A no-limits understanding of omnipotence such as this has been rejected by theologians from Thomas Aquinas to contemporary philosophers of religion, such as Alvin Plantinga.

Atheological arguments based on the omnipotence paradox are sometimes described as evidence for atheism, though Christian theologians and philosophers, such as Norman Geisler and William Lane Craig contend that a no-limits understanding of 'omnipotence' is not relevant to orthodox Christian theology.

St Augustine in his City of God writes "God is called omnipotent on account of His doing what He wills" and thus proposes the definition that "Y is omnipotent" means "If Y wishes to do X then Y can and does do X".

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In addition, some philosophers have considered the assumption that a being is either omnipotent or non-omnipotent to be a false dilemma, as it neglects the possibility of varying degrees of omnipotence.

A common response from Christian philosophers, such as Norman Geisler or William Lane Craig is that the paradox assumes a wrong definition of omnipotence.

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