Dating newspaper ads

16-Jul-2017 02:36

If an advertisement is printed on paper, be it newspapers, magazines, newsletters, booklets, flyers, direct mail, or anything else that would be considered a portable printed medium, then it usually comes under the banner of print advertising.

There are notable exceptions, when print dovetails into mediums like guerrilla advertising, or other Out Of Home (OOH) executions.

It's hard to say exactly how old print advertising actually is.

There are examples of printed pieces dating back to early Egyptian times.

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While it's true that a lot of traditional communication materials are going digital, print is far from done.

It's also common these days to do multiple insertions in one magazine. For direct mail, you are dealing with not just large volume printing costs, but also purchasing qualified lists.

If you, for instance, are advertising for a new auto-repair shop, you want to send your mailing to people who own older cars.

We think these examples of print advertising do just that.

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If there's one thing we all know about KFC, it's that it's finger-lickin' good, and it's this irrefutable fact that's inspired this series of frankly unsettling print ads.

If you're advertising a new children's product, you want to send it to households with children. With direct mail, you will be looking for a good ROI (Return In Investment), and have to deal with the fact that a response rate of 1-2% is typical. If you get really lucky, you'll get a 2% response rate.

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