Dating 8 years before marriage

15-Jan-2018 11:49

This is mainly due to the fact that many Indians live in joint families where the wives enter into and live with the husbands family.So a family with several sons will have their wives and children all living together in the same house.

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Marriage is not perceived as a relationship between two people but as a relationship between families and especially between the girl and her husband’s family.When people think of arranged marriages, they often picture a boy or girl forced into a relationship in which they have absolutely no choice.However, in reality, this is simply not the case, before the marriage becomes official the potential bride and groom have the opportunity to meet each other and decide whether or not a relationship is something that they would wish to pursue.Also, since the majority of Indians are Hindu, and Hindu’s believe strongly in astrology, the perspective couple’s horoscopes are be analyzed and “suitably matched” or the marriage cannot take place.

Additionally, the father will want to make sure that his daughter is marrying into a good family, so a lot of investigation takes place before the arrangements are made.A relationship not bound by marriage is more easily broken for the smaller nuances in life.

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