Are mario and peach dating

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If that princess is always going to be in the "other castle" than Mario should probably apologize for beating up Bowser and then get t...

Mario Rain Race has studio audience from the Mushroom Kingdom who come from miles around to watch the heroes of the Mario games.

However, when trouble arises, Donkey Kong jumps headfirst into the action to help his friends and protect his island.

The current Donkey Kong is the third known to carry the name, Cranky Kong being the original Donkey Kong, followed by Donkey Kong Jr.

His original appearance portrayed him as a villainous or confused ape with unequaled strength. The 1994 Game Boy Donkey Kong was the first game to feature the tie (a red tie with the letters "DK" printed in white, later changed to yellow), but otherwise Donkey Kong is the same as he was in the original.

However, with the release of Donkey Kong Country later that same year, Donkey Kong was given a new personality and a new home.

Jump, double jump, and pounce on enemies while collecting enough candy canes throughout each of the different levels to refuel your cra...

The Sundaes are attacking, save the restaurant and stop the sundaes and other evil food! What kind of part of the world has Mario not explored in the regular seasons of jumping and crushing those poor koopas.

Peach is like a torpedo flying across the Mushroom Kingdom in a scooter as she explores the incredible landscape after Mario.

You don't want to be in the lead at the beginning because then it'l...