Android no validating documentbuilder implementation available

16-Jul-2017 18:51

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Table of Contents Steps to Using DOM Parser -Import XML-related packages -Create a Document Builder -Create a Document from a file or stream -Validate Document structure -Extract the root element -Examine attributes -Examine sub-elements Parsing known xml structure Populate java DTO objects using DOM Parser Parsing unknown xml structure In below example code, I am assuming that user is already aware of the structure of file (it’s nodes and attributes); So example directly start fetching information and start printing it in console.I real life application, you will use this information for some real purpose rather than printing it on console and leave.* @return Document * @throws Exception Thrown if an error occurred.*/ public Document parse File With Stream Array(File file, Stream Source[] schema Stream Array) throws Exception /** * Creates the validator.In last post, I identified the most noticeable differences between a DOM parser and SAX parser.In this tutorial, I am discussing concepts and examples related to read xml file with DOM parser in java.* * * This method performs a weaker version of the tests where error messages * are provided without line number information. * * @see Schema Constraint Checker */ public boolean check Schema Correctness(Error Receiver error Handler) /** * Returns the provided XML string as a schema. * * @return a schema object that corresponds to the provided string.

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The Validator Source * could represent a DTD or xml schema document.Embedded servlet containers were already available - namely Jetty - but I didn't need (or wanted) a full blown servlet container, especially due to the strict requirements that Android applications must meet in order to provide a good user experience (I still target Android 1.6 users today [if any! So I went into a custom implementation of the HTTP protocol subset that was required for the application.

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